ST Lou – Gateway to the Midwest

There’s something special about St. Louis. No, it’s not Anheuser Busch beer. It’s the Gateway Arch, a 630 foot monument clad in stainless steel- the largest arch in the world and the tallest man-made monument in the Western Hemisphere – the Gateway to the Midwest. And in 2018, it got a full renovation called CityArchRiver.

The best place to get an incredible view of the Arch over the Mississppi River is the Malcomn W. Martin Park. The park was actually founded and funded by the namesake himself. The overlook platform which has only been open for 10 years is a great place to catch the most scenic views

I found a Pilot with a good location with a Taco Bell and a World Wide Technology Raceway across the street – a safe, clean road for me to go for a good , long run.

When I first rolled into St Louis Wed night, I delivered the trailer in St Charles and then decided to visit Hollywood Casino.

It’s a fairly new casino and was pretty busy considering the coronavirus. One day the casino experience will be enhanced (or replaced) by virtual reality. And with the pandemic, VR may become more of a factor.

I decided to check out 99 Hops for a burger and beer. The place had lots of large screen high definition TVs and boasted 99 different choices of beer. As soon as I returned to my truck, security came rolling in. They told me I needed to move my bobtail ASAP or risk getting towed. I told them no problem since I was getting ready to head out to a truck stop.

I did ask him if we were allowed to park our bobtails here to go to the casino or to enjoy a meal. The parking lot was huge and there were lots of spaces to fit a bobtail truck.

Surprisingly, he said “No, it’s against company policy – you will be towed.”

I thought that was rather short sighted. I understand that truckers aren’t allowed to spend the night. But don’t see why truckers can’t visit the casino or to enjoy a meal.

I won’t be coming back here, again.