Can I have Crisp with my Egg Pancake?

On a whim I decided to get some bubble tea this morning and when I entered Infini-tea, I noticed that they had a breakfast menu. Prominently displayed was a picture of what resembled an egg omelet which whetted my appetite.

“It’s actually a Vietnamese pancake,” the server said kindly.

“Really, egg with pancake – what an interesting combination. Looking forward to trying it..”

I ordered a flan bubble tea and waited 15 mins for the pancake to be prepared. The flan special was rich and smooth and the bobas were soft and chewy. There was even some chopped up flan on the bottom, so I was quite occupied .

When my order was ready, it looked just like the picture in the menu. It came with some vinegar dipping sauce and Sriracha as well as pickled raddish and carrots

One bite and I could taste the crisp of the pan fried rice flour. It was greasy but light and sure was tasty. There was ample amount of scrambled egg mixed with the flour and after several more bites, I was already full.

First time eating Bot Chien and I would certainly order this dish again. Not just for breakfast, it works well as a late night snack or even for lunch. And of course from Infini-tea.