The Remarkable Food Court @ Super H Mart

H Mart is a Korean tradition made in America and since the first store opened in Queens, NY in 1982, the company has expanded into an upscale major chain with 61 stores located from coast to coast.

Over the years, the Asian population in Fairfax county has blossomed and now the city boasts the largest Korean population in the entire state.

So when H Mart moved from its old location to a a new Super H Mart on Fairfax Blvd, 99 Ranch decided to build a new store in H Mart’s old location.

At the Super H Mart Fairfax food hall, there’s so many authentic food options to choose from: traditional, fusion, Japanese to dumplings. There’s even a bar serving beer and wine including 99 cent beer and a no tip jar. And the best part right now, you can actually sit down and enjoy your food and beverages inside (before you go in and shop or is it the other way around?)

So what did I choose today? First I ingested heart-warming Korean broth from Mamison (meaning authentic dishes made from Mother).

Galbitang (갈비탕) is a short rib soup that has simmered for several hours bringing out all the nutrients for my body and pleasure. To make the soup even more healthy, Mamison has added ginseng, dried jujube and chestnuts. It was so savory and hearty that I immediately started feeling well, even though I wasn’t sick.

To make things interesting I paired the soup with a couple of spicy hot dogs from Gangnum across the hall.

The humble corn dog has become trendy thanks to Gangnum hot dogs. South Korean style hot dog is dipped in dough and deep fried then sprinkled with sugar.

Gangnum Hot Dogs at the Food Court in Super H Mart Falls Church – you have to try this

Add some ketchup and spicy mayo and it’s you now have a tasty, crispy, glorified corn dog that taste surprisingly good.

You can order the dog with a weiner, mozzarella cheese or both. Not sure when this tasty street food originated, but my guess the corndog was made popular by the American GIs during the Korean War. And the South Koreans been creative with food made it taste better and more interesting.

When I asked the owner, Ashley how she she make the dogs so doughy inside but crispy outside, she smiled and pulled her fingers across her lips.

“It’s my secret,” she replied. “That’s why they’re called Gangnum.”

H Mart Falls Church is open 8:30am – 9pm – reduced hours due to the Coronavirus.