Biloxi B is Back

It was great to be back to my secret hideaway – Biloxi Beach. When I’m in BB, I stay here in this parking lot overlooking the Gulf shores at this casual waterfront bar called the Reef

I have parked here many nights already, sometimes with a load, sometimes without, many a bobtail. Each time, it has been peaceful and serene, like I was staying at beach front condo with my own private beach to roam and rest on. At first the beach was closed – the closest you could get to the water was walking on the boardwalk. Then the state decided to open the beaches, and beach goers slowly trickled back. Both times, the Reef was open for curbside pickup only.

Am happy to report that The Reef as well as restaurants and bars in Mississippi are now open. Was here a few weeks ago, when they first opened the beaches, but the restaurants was curbside only.

The view from the balcony of the peaceful Gulf coast is mesmerizing. On a breezy day, most people are sun bathing. There are a few swimmers and a dozen jet skiers braving the rough waters. The waves are splashing over the sand dunes and onto the docks.

It’s definitely nice coming back to a place that once was closed and is now fully open. The servers are all masked and people are keeping their distance. I feel like there’s some closure to this madness like I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Hopefully, people will realize soon, that the curve has been flattened and we can return to normalcy.

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