The Trucker Gets a Wash

Now that I’m in H-Town, and this town is wide-open, I visited my usual stomping grounds – Chinatown, the expanded ethnic enclave in the SW, away from the BBQ joints and taquerias.

Didn’t go for the Cantonese dim sum or the salt & pepper sea bass. Instead came for the plethora of barbers and legitimate massage parlors that filled the expansive strip malls.

Heck if Senator Cruz can get a haircut in this town, why can’t I…

First order of the day, a trim and a hair wash at Golden Beauty Salon. It had been three long months – the longest since I joined the Navy in 84 that I’ve gone without a trim, and I looked like a raging mullet.

After a trim and wash, my body started feeling a need for TLC. So I made my obligatory pilgrimatge to Awesome Massage & Spa, on it’s first day that they opened.

The owner, Yolanda told me that it had been three long months. She had visited her family in China in March and once she returned to the U.S., she had to be quarantined in San Diego

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  1. Very cool!!! The businesses need all of our support!!!!! ????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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