Tokyo Seafood goes Louisiana Bayou

Holy Chopsticks, Tokyo Seafood has the best seafood options for a buffet since the Phillips Seafood all you can eat Sunday Brunch in the Inner Harbor.

I’ve hit the amazing buffet line for lunch so often during my ten-month stint at the North American Trade Schools, they’ve assigned me my own table with a TV to catch the daily ticker and a plug for my laptop. Working on engines, I’ve often worked up an appetite. I was sure to clean up before hitting the buffet line.

And if you like shrimp, you’re in Shrimp Heaven Now! They have coconut shrimp, fried popcorn shrimp, shrimp tempura, steamed shrimp (both hot and cold), and of course avocado and shrimp sushi. Place even serves lobsters (on weekends), King crab legs and crawfish.

Now, that they’ve reopened post-COVID, they’re providing all your favorite seafood delectables in a big boil. You can still choose all your beloved items on the buffet line, but the Seafood Boil is a new feature, and it’s taken Security Square Mall by storm.

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