Somewhere Over Wade Road

I drove 2,000 miles from Laredo TX so I can attend the initial hearing with my tenant at Wade Road. Actually, that wasn’t the only reason. There’s also the annual HOA meeting which I have attended in years.

After delivering the circus load from NYC to McAllen, I felt fortunate to find a power only load from Eagle Pass, TX heading back. It paid $2,600 which isn’t much, but it brought me home. (There’s always a trailer to pull from Eagle Pass – trailers are cheaper to manufacture across the border)

When I arrived at the Landlord Tenant courthouse, there was a young lady who was giving security fits. “Don’t touch me,” she said as they tried to cuff her and call the police. Great, exactly what I needed – a big delay keeping me from making it to roll call on time. When I finally go through, the clerk had already started calling cases. Luckily, they had yet to call mine.

That’s when I got a text from my tenant, Domanique Carson- she was also delayed and wouldn’t be able to make it. So when they called my name, I requested for a default which was granted.

Then I headed across the hallway to file the Notice to Tenant to make payment to avoid eviction

Attending Landlord Tenant court can be the most mind numbing anal-retentive experience in the District. There are long lines. People are grumpy and all the i’s must be dotted, and t’s crossed. Wouldn’t want to wish this experience on my worst enemies. LOL

After this I headed back to Wade to fetch my car. It was still raining and the walk from the metro up the hill on MLK was soggy and cold. When I finally arrived the clouds suddenly cleared and the splattering abruptly stopped. And what formed over the Washington skyline was the most perfect rainbow I’ve ever laid eyes on.

A good day in court and a wonderful way to ring in the New Year.

Yes, it would be a great year for Wade Road!! (Or so I hope).