Hair Transplant Surgery in Tijuana

Today, I got a FUE hair transplant surgery from Dr. Carlos Alessandrini, in Tijuana, MX.

I was shocked at first that I was instructed to go to the lab and get my blood drawn.

“I’ve already done all my pre-surgery lab work,” I declared.

“This has nothing to do with your blood count, it’s for Platelet-rich plasma.”

With a quizzical look I ambled my way where the lab tech extracted 10 vials of blood (50 ml)

Then I hurried back up to get my hair shaved and for the extraction to start.

From the extraction, 1500 grafts of FUE were taken and transplanted to my crown.


The whole procedure took about four hours and it went seamlessly

Then before it was all said and done, Dr Carlos came to inject the platelets.

“Oh yeah, how could I forget the 10 vials of blood.”

“Yes, and we spin it twice. The first to get the plasma. The second to get the Platelet-rich plasma. Most doctors don’t do that.”

“Most doctors don’t even deal with PRP.”

“The PRP will help to promote the growth of transplanted hair follicles and improve overall hair density. When PRP is used to coat the hair follicles before transplantation, it may provide additional nourishment and support to the grafts, potentially increasing their chances of survival and success.”

“So, I have a long trip ahead. I have to get on a plane and fly back to Washington, DC.”

“You have to be careful. Each tree that’s been taken from the back yard has been moved to the front yard. Your job is to nurture those trees – water it, feed it. If you do your job, follow my recommendations to the letter, you’ll have an excellent result.”

Everybody was courteous and nice. I was impressed by the standard of service and quality of care that Dr. Carlos provided.

“Remember avoid strenuous activities and don’t touch the grafted area for four weeks.”

“How can I wash my hair?”

“Mix baby shampoo and water in a mug and gently pour on the recipient area. Let it dry naturally and continue to use Minoxidil.”

I recovered at the Quartz Hotel. I did have some minor bleeding on the pillow. – but nothing too drastic.

After 24 hrs, I removed the bandage. Then on day two, I washed the recipient area with some baby shampoo and warm water. Then I added the saline solution and vitamin E.

It would be a long while before I start seeing noticeable results. After the swelling resides, all the transplanted follicles will shed and it may take a year or more to see the final results.