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There’s no river or sea, just a desert in Dallas. Big D is the home of the Cowboys, not the Mariners. Unlike it’s sister city to the south, it has no container port, and it’s not a major hub for anything except maybe trucking, trains and Uber. But one thing Dallas is known universally for is the most infamous assassination in modern history, and one that has altered the course of history in the city and in this country.

The John F Kennedy Memorial

The memorial is plain and simple. The John F. Kennedy Memorial is a 30 feet tall and 50 feet square series of 72 white, pre-cast concrete columns, 64 of which float two feet off the ground allowing air to flow and a sense of openness. It’s symbolic and solemn and there’s not much else to it. It’s a good place to sit and read, and all this evening, not a soul wandered through.

There is no other more defining moment to the history of the city than the assassination of President Kennedy. For many years, it affected the city’s self image and it drastically affected the world’s opinion of Dallas.

And over the years numerous conspiracy theories abound. Were there more than one shooter. Beyond the knoll and over the fence, it’s entirely possible that there were more shooters besides Oswald from the Texas School Book Depository. Maybe it was the Soviets, the CIA or the Mafia, and he was just the unwitting scapegoat.

The 2 X’s mark the spots where Kennedy was hit

Almost every American have solemn images seared in their minds of the presidential limousine passing Dealy Plaza, and crowds scattering along the grassy knoll — it is one of the most infamous scenes in America. Yet driving by it you wouldn’t sense the tragedy. It’s just like any ordinary grassy hill in this country – a good place for a stroll, to reflect and appreciate what this great country has done for us.

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