A Taste of Japan: Sushi, Friends, and Kinu’s Expertise

Hey there, folks! It’s Colin Peppler, and I’m here to share the incredible adventure my friends and I recently embarked on in the Land of the Rising Sun. From the bustling streets of Osaka to the serene beauty of Kawaguchiko, our trip to Japan was an unforgettable journey that left us with lasting memories.

Our group consisted of me, Terrell, Sam, Arash, Weihao, and Brian – buddies I’ve known since our middle school days in Herndon, VA or classmates from Virginia Tech University in Blacksburg. We all share a deep love for exploration and a good adventure, which is precisely what brought us to Japan, a place none of us had visited before.

Our itinerary was packed with exciting destinations: Osaka, Kyoto, Kanazawa, Hakone, and Kawaguchiko. Each place offered a unique experience, from the modern metropolis of Osaka to the historic charm of Kyoto and the stunning natural beauty around Mount Fuji. But the highlight of our trip was something truly special.

We had the privilege of visiting my Aunt Kim “Kinu”, who was teaching a sushi class in Japan. Her class, aptly named “Deliciously Japanese,” was a fantastic opportunity for us to dive deep into the heart of Japanese cuisine. Aunt Kim’s dedication to the art of Japanese cooking was evident in her approach, and it was a real treat to learn from her.

What made the experience even more remarkable was the presence of Kinu Yukawa, a Japanese chef and cookery teacher from Kobe, Japan, who is currently based in London. Kinu’s culinary journey is truly inspiring; she has a deep appreciation for the simplicity of Japanese cuisine, focusing on enjoying food with all the senses. Her philosophy, <五感楽しむ和食>, emphasizes the importance of using seasonal ingredients to create dishes that nourish the body and bring harmony.

Kinu’s extensive knowledge and expertise were evident as she guided us through the art of sushi preparation. She stressed the importance of using the freshest ingredients and taught us the traditional techniques that have been passed down through generations. It was an incredible hands-on experience that we’ll carry with us for a lifetime.

And let’s not forget the best part – eating our own creations! Savoring the sushi we had meticulously prepared was a true delight. There’s something magical about enjoying a meal that you’ve crafted with your own hands, and it made our culinary adventure even more special.

Our time in Japan was filled with exploration, new experiences, and a deeper understanding of Japanese culture and cuisine. We couldn’t have asked for a better way to learn about the “和食 Washoku,” the harmony of food, and appreciate the rich traditions that make Japanese cuisine so unique.

Learning to make sushi under the guidance of Aunt Kim was a highlight that will stay with us forever. It’s proof that travel, friendship, and the love of good food can create unforgettable memories.

Until our next adventure, Colin Peppler

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  1. Great now I want sushi bad!! it’s always great to visit family and then it’s amazing when we can share what they love so that’s awesome. I can’t wait to go to Tokyo.

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