Telefónica Tijuana

Hidden in plain sight downtown TJ, this place has made a culinary haven in the middle of the city.

The setup is excellent, with food trucks and stands offering dishes from all over the world. They have something for everyone, from sushi connoisseurs to taco experts.

There were plenty of stalls selling anything from regional specialties to barbeque to burgers. Our trio of diners could each find a dish to their liking.

Carlos Vargas, Patzi Pasta

This spot is great for hanging out, listening to music, and making new friends.

We had a great day and hope to return on our next trip to the area.
Tijuana’s fun food court serves both Baja-style and Americanized dishes. There is a rooftop patio, as well as interior and outdoor dining. Countless delicious and refreshing beverages exist.

It’s very laid-back. The sort of spot where you can relax with your pals while enjoying a local brew. If you can get a seat at one of the picnic tables in the courtyard, you may enjoy your meal while basking in the sunshine.

Staff members are cordial, informative, and well-versed in their fields. The food is fantastic, genuine, varied, and it’s a wonderful, wholistic experience.

Overall, don’t ignore Telefonica Gastro Park if you’re in TJ. It’s a trip your taste buds won’t soon forget.