Momo & Poke Christmas

In the mood for a luau? How ’bout some ahi tuna to go with that poke bowl. In the mood for some Himalayan soul food? How ’bout some Kalua pork to go with those momos?

Hawaii and Nepal are located several thousand miles from each other, but they share a common PanAsian connection. That’s why Conrad Hise and Sujit Shakya have come together to create Momo & Pokes in Alexandria, VA.

They have combined authentic Hawaiian food, which is rare to find in the DMV, with Himalayan soul food to create a one-of-a-kind find.

Conrad and Sujit met in the food truck business two years ago. They immediately clicked and in 2019 decided to open up a restaurant in the Woodlawn district of Alexandria.

I started with the Kahlua pork and cabbage plate. Then ventured into something more exotic. The momos, the beloved Tibetan dumplings, were soft, fresh and juicy, and were perfectly dipped in spicy, sesame tomato chutney. It was the first time I had Hawaiian and Himalayan food in the same day.

This weekend, the duo got together and invited their friends from near and far to celebrate Christmas with music and food. Albert, a transplant from Hawaii sang holiday tunes while strumming his cello.

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