Indy Love

When you think of Indianapolis, Indiana, NASCAR and speedways might be the first things that come to mind. However, this capital city, often underestimated by pundits, boasts a rich wartime heritage and a vibrant array of attractions. Recently, Indy has undergone a remarkable revitalization, attracting many young people. Join me as I delve into the unexpected treasures I discovered in this little big town, from awe-inspiring war memorials to picturesque parkways.

Unveiling a Tapestry of Military History: Indy’s remarkable collection of war memorials showcases the city’s deep connection to the military. From the Revolutionary War to the Civil War and beyond, these memorials commemorate the sacrifices made by countless individuals. Surprisingly, the magnitude of military history in Indy surpasses that of many renowned military cities, such as Annapolis and Norfolk. Even though Indianapolis lacks a body of water, the Navy’s representation here is truly impressive. These memorials offer a profound tribute to the nation’s heroes and provide an opportunity for reflection and remembrance.

A Night Amongst History: Immerse yourself in the captivating past by spending the night on the grounds of the Indianapolis medical school. As you rest your head, surrounded by the echoes of medical advancements and dedicated professionals, you’ll feel a deep connection to the city’s history. This unique experience adds an element of intrigue to your visit, allowing you to appreciate the transformative power of education and healthcare.

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A Morning Run Along the Canal Walk: Awakening to the vibrant energy of Indy, start your day with a leisurely 2-mile run along the picturesque Canal Walk. As you jog beside the tranquil waterway, you’ll be captivated by the stunning monuments and architectural wonders that line its banks. This scenic route evokes memories of running alongside the Thames River in England, a testament to Indy’s ability to blend history and beauty seamlessly.

Remembering the USS Indianapolis: As you explore Indy’s military heritage, a somber reminder of the past lies in the tragic sinking of the USS Indianapolis. This devastating event remains the greatest single loss of life for a US Navy ship. With only 316 survivors out of nearly 1,200 aboard, the majority succumbed to dehydration, drowning, or the harrowing jaws of sharks. By delving into this chilling history, we pay homage to the bravery and sacrifice of those who served and honor their memory.

USS Indianaplis Monument

Indianapolis, a city often overlooked for its racing fame, surprises visitors with its vast military heritage, revitalization efforts, and engaging attractions. Its war memorials, spanning centuries of history, rival those of renowned military cities. Spending a night on the grounds of the Indianapolis medical school provides an extraordinary connection to the city’s past. The Canal Walk, reminiscent of English waterways, offers a scenic escape for morning runs. And amidst the tales of heroism, the tragic story of the USS Indianapolis serves as a poignant reminder of the sacrifices made by those who served our nation. Indy’s unique blend of history, revitalization, and military heritage makes it a destination worth exploring and cherishing.

CAPT McVay was later court-martialed for failure to put the ship in zig zag formation which would have helped prevent a torpedo attack. In 2000 he was exonerated posthumorously.