Draft Biden

DC is the epicenter of politics so at virtually all events, somewhere, somehow politics was mentioned or debated.

So when I got a call from Jim McBride president and founder of Network for Progress, I knew exactly what was in the cards.

“I like the vibe of your events, the marketing, the aura.”

“I think our groups complement each other well,” I replied with gratitude.

“A Super PAC is in town and wants to host a happy hour in DC. Someplace centrally located, good food with a breezy deck.”

“In DC, there’s more PACs than watering holes.”

“This particular one is quite important. They’re trying to get Joe Biden to run for POTUS.”

“Hillary has a huge lead, but he’d be a credible candidate for sure.”

“We’d like to get him to run in case Hillary’s email server controversy hurts her chances. He’ll definitely contribute to a healthier debate.”

“Don’t think he’s interested especially after losing his son to cancer.”

“Yeah, so we want to host a fundraiser also for the Fisher House Foundation in honor of Beau Biden.”

Beau Biden was a captain in the National Guard and deployed to Iraq in 2008. Their family strongly believed in serving military families so donating to the Fisher House in honor of Biden would be the right tribute to make.

Will Pierce, a tall 26-year-old with a beaming smile is also a veteran of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and has worked for Hillary Clinton’s campaign in 2008 and volunteered for Obama’s that same year.

“We don’t want to see another Bush or Clinton in the White House,” said Will. “We’re trying to show Biden that the majority of Americans would welcome seeing him run.”

“Well the turnout has been amazing, and the outpouring of support following Beau’s death could show the Veep how beloved he is and convince him to jump in the race.”

“Yes, it’s quite hard to get into the VP’s head right now,” Will said. “When Biden lost his wife and one-year-old daughter in a car accident in 72, a lot of people thought he would step back and resign. But he actually turned around and used that tragedy as a source of strength.”

Despite the ongoing funeral service, the mood was far from somber.

By the end of the night. A sizeable amount of money was raised to provide free or low cost lodging to veterans and families receiving medical treatment. Supporters gathered to honor the Biden family’s contribution to the nation and support a great cause in memory of a great man, and everyone seemed to have a good time mingling and catching up with old friends.