Amish Bulk Food & Bakery

Richard worked six days a week at Miller’s Bulk and Bakery in Medina, NY. It was a family business and it was his passion and belonging to provide the best meats, bakery and cheese to customers who flocked here from all over the state.

The Amish work hard in the deli, stocking shelves and making cheese. Most of the products are “bulk,” meaning they have broken down industrial supply size products into smaller, household sizes. They have a huge assortment of dry goods, speciality baking supplies, canning & preserving supplies, herbs & spices, pastas, cereals, snacks, candies, beverage mixes, jams, honey, syrups, etc. Their pies with thick crust and loaded with fruit are just heavenly. And their meats and cheese are just phenomenal.

They also have some fruits & vegetables, household goods, dairy/cheese/bacon, frozen seafood, etc. Their meat counter is excellent, and has specials on Saturdays. They also have a very good deli counter, with fresh-sliced meats & cheeses, as well as a sandwich counter. I know – I enjoyed a fresh ham and cheese sandwich.

Miller’s do it for the love of their God and family. They work together in the kitchen and in the field. They also show pride and craftmanship in their sheds and have great prices. It was their love for work and for serving customers that gave Miller’s Bulk Food and Bakery a good reputation.