A River Runs Through It.

There’s no business like show business, and that’s why there’s no swarms of tourists galavanting Times Square today. The iconic, bright billboards are still flashing, but with Broadway dark, and museums and bars shuttered, there’s not too many reasons to visit “the City that Never Sleeps.”

Nestled next to “The Phantom of the Opera” at the Majestic is the diminutive China River. From the outside, this spot looks like any low-key Chinese eatery strawn all over the city.


But once you step inside and study the menu, you will discover that China River boasts authentic Sichuan food with all the bells and peppers.

There are tons of dishes to choose from, depending on mood and hunger. You can also choose the level of hotness you can tolerate. Whether you like to have your lips numbed by fiery peppercorn or you prefer to have your taste buds scorched by chile oil.

Since I’m adventuresome, I went with the Diving Fish Pot. It’s an entire fish soaked in Sichuan broth with peppercorn, leek and kelp. The fish was so tender, the sliced pieces melted in my mouth like molasses. I paired the dish with brown rice and enjoyed digging into every part of the fish until every bit of morsel was consumed.

Also tried the Crispy Pan Fried Noodles with Beef . Though this is a very common dish, it was surprisingly good. The crunchy fried noodles had a crispy texture and thick gracy over the finely sliced pieces of beef was heavenly indeed.

The place has three levels including a fully equipped bar with tall bar stools. All the drinks in the menu looked appetizing, especially the popular Tsing Tao Mojito – lime, rum and a bottle of beer flipped upside down. I call this the Tsing TaoRita just like the famous and refreshing CoronaRita.

I was excited. I had found the perfect place to dine pre-Broadway. Can’t wait. The Show must go on!

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