To the Winner goes the Spoils

There’s a new game in town at the MGM. It’s called Casino War, and it’s probably the first card game you’ve ever played as a child. This isn’t a typical table game, nor is it a machine game that you may not trust.

The dealer deals cards (with eight 52-card decks) to one to seven players.  There’s only one hand and the highest card wins.  Royalty outranks number cards and ace outranks royalty.  The fun begins when there’s a tie between the dealer and the player.  You can choose to surrender, in which case you lose half of your bet, or go to war. But nobody comes here to surrender.  So in choosing to challenge the dealer, you place a second wager equal to your original bet. The dealer then burns three cards before dealing out the final card for you and the dealer. The higher card wins.  To the victor goes the spoils!!

I know what you’re thinking – this is a mindless kid’s game. You didn’t come to the casino to play a mindless game with little strategy and just pure luck. But this is not the case with the live dealer/machine hybrid – the strategy is choosing which hand to jump in and which hand to opt out. And with seven players you can choose just one or all seven as well as decide how much to wager.

What is unique about the live dealer / machine game hybrid is that you could opt out as many hands as you wished.  Since the probability of beating the dealer stands at a hair above 50%, there’s a good chance you won’t lose your life savings.  By keeping an eye on the player/dealer trends on the monitors above, you can opt in after the dealer has gotten on a hot streak and opt out after the player has done the same.

You can also bet on one to seven hands with only a $5 minimum. And since this is done on the machine, as many people can bet on the same hand at the same time. Since each hand has the same probability of beating the dealer, you could realistically win all seven hands at once. Perhaps do this once the dealer gets a streak of court cards or Aces.

It’s really a fun, fast game and if you play strategically, you have a decent shot of beating the dealer. You won’t get rich, but you may win enough to buy you dinner at Saigon Street or Voltaggio Brothers Steakhouse

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