Three Strikes

First Strike: i pulled a heavy Amazon 3rd party load of books 60K lbs from Baltimore to Dallas (through I-81) steep hills (I know real heavy for an Amazon load)

Almost ran out of fuel and lost power and stalled on a winding, country road. Got a flat on my drive tire then once I got back on the freeway I had to do eight Parked Regens – and that’s after not doing a single one in six months.

Eventually the truck started to beep like someone was trying to break into my car or there was a mockingbird in my cab.  Had to drive 350 miles from Dallas to Mobile constantly beeping. I got to become really intimate with my Bose headset.

Removed the beep at the Dealership in Mobile with a recommendation to replace my DOC and I booked another Amazon load to Richmond. But when I found out it was too heavy, and I was concerned that my emissions would have issues again, I cancelled the load and Amazon suspended my account in retaliation.  They eventually returned my account (after over a week of appeals but that was almost the last nail in my coffin).

Second Strike  TA screwed up my oil change
I was sidelined for over a week because TA lost two bolts and didn’t tell me. They also improperly installed my drop pan gasket.
An oil change is pretty routine and surprised they screwed it up. Also they first refused to help me leaving me stranded at a Walmart for a few days.

This was quite traumatic because I thought for sure my engine was toast.

Third Strike. After a surprising breakdown in the worst place in the world the break down – straddling two lanes on the GW Bridge, it takes International dealership in Bronx three weeks to fix my truck.  Main cause: Air bubbles in my Fuel filter – this is pretty excessive considering the repair could have been done in less than a week. Meanwhile I had to stay in hotels and even spent money renting a car to drive home for a week unsure of when and if my truck would be fixed.

Because of the length of time I was down, this eats up my insurance which is costing me $1,600 a month.

Perhaps the good Lord is telling me something — The last 2 incidents (oil change and air in my fuel filters) were pretty routine and should have been repaired quickly – instead it dragged in the most worst time imaginable.

2020 has been a strange year. Maybe it’s time to hang it up. Thoughts?

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