Stroh’s on Lake Erie

I left Niagara satisfied with my five days watching nature’s magic show. There was only one thing left to do – jump in.

I arrived at Lake Erie Beach, in Angola, NY – a small town just outside of Buffalo with the single intention of Lake Erie cold water therapy.

The beach was small with only spots for a couple dozen cars – that’s why my semi attracted quite the attention when I arrived. Like Rochester, the water was frigid cold, but a little murky and hazy from a recent rain. Despite the color, the water did feel refreshing and after a quick 30-minute dip, I was back in the cab drying up and getting ready to grab some lunch.

I noticed there was a pub next to the parking lot. Called Stroh’s, it has a plane buried in the roof of the tavern with the tail section jutting out. Sounds interesting.

As soon as I walked up to the deck, I was greeted by a friendly bartender who was still setting up for the day.

“Good morning. You got WiFi?”

“Certainly. Grab a seat. I’ll be right with you.”

I soon learned that the most talked about item on the menu was the fried bologna sandwich. Been that I wasn’t keen on going against the 50+ year tradition, I decided to keep history on my side.

The famous Fried Bologna Sandwich at Stroh’s Tavern

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