My Love for Tall Views

I have a confession – I’m obsessed with tall views. The first request I make when I check in to a NYC hotel is “Can you get me a nice view?” My views in Time Square and Madison Square Garden last week was pretty spectacular.

But the massive skyline in midtown blocked my view of both the Hudson and East Rivers.

This weekend in the Financial District, I lucked out. I got on the 42th floor on the Holiday Inn Financial District and could see the busy Hudson with oil tankers and container ships steaming in to get unloaded

So why do we love tall views? Looking out from up aloft makes me feel tiny and humble and definitely puts life in perspective. Yet we are looking down from a safe location and that makes us feel relaxed and comfortable.

View of Manhattan and the Hudson River from the 44th floor of the Holiday Inn Financial District from the desk
View from the Bedroom from Holiday Inn

Last week, I watched a Black Lives Matter protest on Boardway from the 22nd floor of the Holiday Inn Madison Square Garden. Interestingly, an inpatient SUV driver plowed into the crowd, dragging some bikes.

The view from a NYC skyscraper is similar to that of the Niagara Falls. It’s just breathtaking and jaw-dropping. When the skyscrapers tower into the clouds and you look down and observe the web of people and cars move around like an anthill. You immediately feel tiny and humble, and you set aside life’s problems because you know they are small.

Last week, I enjoyed NYC’s views not from above but from across the river Jersey City. The skyline has truly evolved and grown over the last several years. Thanks to stronger steel and concrete, they have become taller and more awe-inspiring than ever.

One of these days, I’m going to check out one of these new Engineering marvels – the Edge in Hudson Yards, the tallest observation deck in the Western Hemisphere.

Here are a couple of places to eat in the Financial District

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