Hot Potters Flood Flushing

New York streets and sidewalks are abuzz with diners and reverlers right now. Not just in Manhattan, but especially in the multi-cultural neighborhoods of Queens.

Last night, I visited a world-renowned hotspot chain called Liuyishou 刘一手火锅 (one-armed Liu) in Flushing Luiyishou offers very spicy Chongqing-style hot pot and serves the meat on a wheel around the pot. People come not just for the food, but for the fun.

Over the last few years, the hot pot wave has hit NYC like a metro tsunami. Hot pot is ideal for large groups sitting around a bubbling broth and dipping exotic meat and customizable ingredients together while chatting and sharing a laugh.

There are four different types of broths that you can get in separate compartments. Some are so spicy filled with Szechuan peppercorn that it makes your so lips numb you’re speechless. As you lump marbled meat and veggies into the boiling lava, they evolve into a steamy awe-inspiring concoction. Even the dipping sauce is a cacophony of several mind-blowing flavors: peanuts, soy sauce, peppercorn – so spicy, your whole tongue a hot cauldron.

And the tables on the sidewalk outside of this world-renowned hotpot chain were packed with a long line of eager hot potters waiting patiently. Meanwhile on the edge of the street, just meters away, lay a mountain of trash bags filled with food waste. These bags need to be picked up tonight to prevent the army of rats from taking over. But this is New York, and I’m glad to see things returning to normal.

I enjoyed visiting Liuyishou, and I enjoyed seeing a vibrant NYC sidewalk. For a moment, diners put away their masks and forgot about the current crisis.

Excuse me while I slurp this simmering broth.

Here are some other Asian restaurants in Flushing:

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