Cold Water Beach

Call me nuts, but the water in Natasket Beach in late October really isn’t too cold to go for a dip. Yes cold water can put you in immediate shock and kill quickly. It could make your limbs heavy, and you can aspirate water and drown.

But as long as you gradually ease in, splashing water on myself as I acclimate to the frigid domain. From shallow to knee deep, than to my private parts, and then let the roaring surf do the rest. Hopefully the ambient air temp is moderate because you’ll probably be shaking like a leaf in a no’easter once you come out.

If there’s a strong breeze, you’ll see a clan of surfers donned in black wetsuits, catching a wave amidst a flock of seagulls keeping watch. The brisk ocean breeze fills my lungs. I contemplate whether I should take a dip. I take the brave step and am quickly rewarded by the wonderful sensation of energy-boosting water.

Nantasket Beach is known to have a extreme range of tide of 12.5 feet. Low tide is so wide, you can go for a walk or run and not run into anyone. But at high tide, the water comes up to the seawall.

There’s something about blue water that gives me a tranquil feeling deep and down inside.

I can go for a swim, or a 3-mile run on the beach and get the same feeling. That’s probably why I’ve been riding on top of the world, spending my nights sleeping in my cab, 50 yards from the roaring surf, it’s soothing waves rocking me to sleep.

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