A Hot Shower & Warm Meal in Allentown

So I left Easton enroute to Breinigsville looking for fuel. I’ve passed Trexler Truck Plaza in Allentown many times but never stopped. There was no Pilot or TA nearby, so decided to give them a try.

When I pulled in and opened the door, flies started to filling into my cab. The place looked dirty, but hey this is typical of a Mom & Pop truckstop.

I went to get fuel and asked how much for a shower.

“$12.50 for a shower, $12.50 for parking”

“But I’m bobtail, I have to pay for parking?”

“Yes, it’s a $75 fine.”

“And I’m going to get fuel – do I get a free shower?”

“If you get 100 gallons, your shower is only $10.”

“Really, not free?”

“We’re Trexler – family owned. We’re not Pilot or TA.”

“How bout WIFI?”

“There’s a fee, but it only works in the building.”

And with Coronavirus, I wouldn’t be prudent to be hanging out inside the building.

I looked across the street and saw a Holiday Inn Express. I called them up.

“Hey, do you allow early check ins?”

“Sure, you can check in around 1pm today.”

I looked at my watch – just enough time to get fuel and grab lunch. Great, I went on priceline and booked a room.

Then I returned to Trexler with a wad of cash in my pocket. Diesel was $3.50, but if you pay cash it’s only $2.99.

“40 Gallons please.”

“You’re not gonna get 100 and get a $2.50 discount on a shower.”

“No, thanks, I just booked a room at the Holiday Inn. I pay a little bit more, but a least a get an AC, WIFI and cable TV”

Since there was nothing to eat at Trexler, I visited the Afghan Kabob Restaurant across the street and ordered their legendary Chicken Mishkaki

For dinner I visited Chris’s Family Restaurant and ordered a Lamb Gyro Platter

After a big meal, I wanted to burn off some calories.

“Say, is your gym or pool open?” I asked Maria, a jovial staffer who was also enjoying some WNBA on TV.

“Our pool is closed and we don’t have a gym. But if you take your door card and ID to Planet Fitness, they’ll let you work out for free.”

“Super, what a great deal. BTW, whose your favorite basketball team?

“Men’s, I like Brooklyn. Women’s – Connecticut – it’s strange though not seeing fans in the stands”

“Tell me about it, but not as bad as baseball”

“Oh yeah, the cutouts – but at least they’re charging for them and finding a way to bring in a profit.”

The very next morning after checking out, I made my way to 24 hour Planet Fitness. I haven’t seen the inside of a gym for months, and if it wasn’t for a load I was scheduled to pick up in Bethlehem, I might have stayed all day and maybe spent the night

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